Wednesday, October 30, 2013

I did the unthinkable....

WOW - I still cannot believe what I just did.

After reading Roni's post about losing her scale, I did some deep thinking about my own scale. Mainly if its hurting or helping, what kind of relationship we have and is it necessary to weigh yourself to lose weight.

My relationship with my scale currently: daily if not 5 times daily weigh ins, every time I see the damn thing I have to step on it. If I want a snack before I step on it I tell myself "its ok to have a cookie if the number says x, y, z". If the number is not in my favor then that very easily turns into a "fuck it" mentality for the rest of the day because "I will start over tomorrow". It lives in my bathroom. I go to the bathroom a lot.  I tell myself not to weigh myself that often but I do anyways. I tell myself not to let a number depict my mood for the day but it does.

So is it hurting or helping? Easy answer right??? Obviously it is not in the helping category. I do NOT have a healthy relationship with my scale.

Is it necessary to weigh yourself regularly to lose weight? I do not see why it has to be.

The whole point of this new blog is to work on living a healthier, happier, more well rounded life. Whats wrong with focusing on eating better options, moving more, getting outside more, laughing more, acting silly more with the kids? Whats wrong with using my clothes and my feeling of who I am be the way that I "weigh" myself? And if I need to weigh myself periodically to see how things are going - ummm its not like I own the only scale in the world. There is a scale at the gym, at work, at a friends house. Its not like I will never ever see a scale again.

So yes - I took the plunge and I threw the damn thing away! Right in the trash!!! If I would have hid it I would have found it - it was the only option.

Time to focus on what matters and see if by changing my focus if my health and body come along for the ride!

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  1. YAY!! I'm so glad you are joining me on this!